The Stresses of Chronic Illness

The Stresses of Chronic Illness: Chronic Pain, Headache,  Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, IBS

Stress is a part of everyone’s life whether they have a chronic illness or not. Stress happens when changes we are not in control of occur. Having a chronic illness only intensifies the situation. And knowing that you will never be in control of your illness doesn’t mean you have to be overwhelmed by it either.

The chronic disorder, treatment requirements, hospitalization, and possible surgery all increases your worries about physical appearance, maintaing your independence, and disrupting your relationships.

In some cases, having a chronic illness can touch off depression, a potentially serious but treatable illness itself. The challenge for the therapists and the patient is to decide whether symptoms of depression are just a normal reaction to the stress of having a chronic medical condition, or so intense or disabling that they require additional specific antidepressant treatment.

Psychological HealthCare’s goal is to work as a team to create for you mental, emotional and physical health plan that is unique in its focus on the experience of chronic illness from your perspective.