Specialized Eating Disorders Treatment

Eating disorders are defined by a persistent pattern of atypical eating or dieting behavior. Recognizing eating disorders can be very difficult and diagnosis should be left to a professional. Because everyone today seems concerned about weight, and because most people diet once in a while, it is hard to tell what is normal behavior and what may escalate to threaten life and interfere with work, school, and relationships. What constitutes normal and disordered eating is somewhat blurry. Formal evaluations for diagnosis and treatment should only be made by qualified clinicians.

Unlike some treatment programs, Psychological HealthCare employs a comprehensive approach for those who are looking to make real changes in helping to insure a healthier and happier future for themselves. We have two Eating Disorders Partial Hospital Treatment Programs—Centre Syracuse and Buffalo Centre. From individual to group sessions, from nutrition education to respectful monitoring and guidance, our approach provides an effective plan for creating immediate and long-lasting change.

Centre Syracuse and Buffalo Centre are leading-edge psychologically-based therapeutic day programs located in Central and Western New York specifically designed for the treatment of eating disorders. Our multidisciplinary team of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa experts address these complex eating disorders with comprehensive and consistent care in a non-institutional, safe and respectful setting. By incorporating evidence-based practices into each individual’s treatment plan both Centres provide life-changing clinical services and educational therapies.