Annette C. King, LCSW-R

Annette is a licensed clinical social worker and a 1996 graduate of the Syracuse University School of Social Work. She has 19 years experience working with persons impacted by rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence: having worked for the Rape Crisis Center of Syracuse from 1996 until their merger with Vera House in 2005, and then working for Vera House from 2005 through 2015, serving as Assistant Clinical Director. She was also trained as a nurse, receiving her RN from the Crouse School of Nursing in 1992.Annette is comfortable having conversations about the effects of sexual abuse on sexuality and personal relationships. She enjoys helping clients discover their abilities to have conversations instead of arguments /fights and learning the boundaries involved.

In addition to working with individuals with symptoms of PTSD and dissociation, she also treats those experiencing anxiety, depression, chronic illness, grief and loss including loss in childbirth, healthy relationships and spirituality.
Annette is trained in the utilization of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR, with victims of both trauma and grief. She also works with the Trauma Resource Institute’s Trauma Resiliency Model, a tool for clients to learn to center and ground themselves.

She believes in the healing power of laughter; when her clients can again laugh, she knows they are on the path toward healing. She works with adults ages 18-85+.