Anne Helfer, LCSW


Anne’s approach to prioritizing emotional health and increasing well-being centers on working toward balance… bio-psycho-socio-spiritual balance. To customize each client’s path toward wellness, she makes use of talk therapy, movement and body-based modalities, and artistic expression to help build the capacity to discover, address, and express unacknowledged or challenging emotions and to manage anxiety. Through developing mindfulness and self-compassion, we experience a greater ability to engage in on-going self-care.

Anne helps her clients discover previously unacknowledged strengths, encouraging change by supporting people as they learn to let go of unhealthy thought patterns and replace them with more proactive and resilient ways of functioning. A former educator, Anne knows the value of empowering people to understand why they think and act as they do, and regularly makes use of psychoeducation to help her clients increase their understanding of how early life experiences, family-of-origin functioning, and inherited tendencies can impact our emotional health.

“Meeting you where you are and taking you where you want to go” reflects her collaborative approach to helping people make the changes that they desire. Anne’s clinical interests include working with survivors of developmental trauma and treating compassion fatigue in helping professionals.




sleep issues

menopause support

fluent in Spanish

cultural competency